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Become Nominator

Nominators are passive participants in any Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. They indirectly contribute to maintaining the health and security of the network by delegating their tokens to the most reliable validators who are actively confirming blocks. Nominators receive rewards for their delegation, which depend on the network's economy and the percentage that the validator takes for themselves.

Being a nominator does not require running your own node or worrying about online uptime

How to set up as a nominator

To nominate your VARA tokens, go to the Polkadot.{js} app, navigate to the Network → Staking → Accounts section, and click + Nominator:

  1. Select the stash and controller accounts, along with the amount of value you wish to bond. You can see in the screenshot what Stash and Controller accounts are. If you have not created your controller account, you can use the same one for both.

setup nominator

  1. Choose a validator (or validators) you'd like to nominate. You can select up to 16 validators, and the algorithm will determine how to distribute your funds effectively for each Era. It's advisable to choose only reliable validators with a good reputation to ensure they won't be slashed.

setup nominator

  1. Click Bond & Nominate and sign the transaction. If everything is correct, your bonded VARA will appear in the Nominators list.

setup nominator

Congratulations! You are now an active nominator. Your nominations will take effect in the next era."