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Upload program

Following the principles of Actor model for communication, uploading a program in the network is just one of the specific types of transactions that contain a Wasm file as a payload.

Uploading a new program (smart-contract) to the blockchain takes place by calling the custom extrinsic gear.uploadProgram(code, salt, initPayload, gasLimit, value). Where:

  • code: Bytes - binary Wasm code
  • salt: Bytes - the random data that is added to the hashing process to force their uniqueness
  • initPayload: Bytes- the init message payload that will be processed by the init() function during program initialization
  • gasLimit: u64 - the amount of gas that users are willing to spend on processing the upload of a new program
  • value: u128 - the value that will be transferred to a balance of the newly created account for the program

Program upload events

Note: while extrinsics represent information from the outside world, events represent information from the chain. Extrinsics can trigger events.

The extrinsic that was called to upload a program triggers a series of events. Learn more about events here.

How to upload

There are several ways to upload a program:

Upload via Gear Idea

The easiest way to upload the program is to use the “Upload program” option in the Gear Idea portal -

img alt

Via Gear-JS library

The Gear-JS library provides a simple and intuitive way to connect Vara Component APIs, including interaction with programs. More details: Gear API.

Via gear-program

gear-program is the command line (CLI) utility for interacting with the blockchain network. Refer to gear-program GitHub repo for details.